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If you can put past everyone inherent "judging" its really quite a good movie. The story line is very good and the movie itself is wonderful.

Its quite annoying how people say movies are not good, i tend to be of the opinion that a movie is a movie. I love movies, so when i watch a movie, i'm more like, "wow im watching a movie" and i get so caught up in the story that i completely ignore the fact that it might not be the best movie on earth.

Its true, the Hole is not the be all and end of all movies, however it is one of the best films, percentagly owning to Miss. Knightlys involvedment, but still. I really liked it, and sometimes a confusing or simpled movie, whatever you choose to view it as, is really not that bad anyway. Just watch it, you'll never know otherwise, because no one is the same as you, therefore no one is going to view it exactly like you will.
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