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Uh-oh...I'm about to agree with Nearoka.

And you know what? Fuck him. If he doesn't appreciate you the way you are now, then find someone else who does. Kelsey, I saw your picture in the pictures thread. You're beautiful. Don't let some lame ass punk bring you down. I'm sure there'll be another that will come your way. It's only high school, and beyond high school, there is the world. And we both can agree that the world is vast with multitudes of gorgeous guys waiting for you.

I can't say if he's a "lame ass punk" or not...I'll trust Kelsey's judgement here...but Near's right. You may not remember this guy's name after your first week of college.
I've been down the friends becoming more serious road and it didn't work out like I (we'd) in divorce. That's not to say it wouldn't work in your case, but if he's dating other girls and not seeming too interested, it might be best just to move on. The part about "noone else could know" is suspicious. I don't trust that sort of stipulation on a relationship. Seems as if there may be a fourth, fifth or even sixth party involved.
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