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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Anyways, unfortunately we never did anything like…ya know (the opportunity was just never there)….but the future was discussed and all that good stuff.
Are you trying to say sex? I dunno, you should be more clear..and what do you mean by future, like marriage and kids?

Originally Posted by Kelsey
So this whole thing lasted a little while and then I ended it because I don’t know, it was moving to fast, I didn’t really feel like he knew me, etc. Mostly my insecurities are to blame.
So you didn't have sex, and he didn't pressure to have sex, and you guys were never really too serious (at least he didn't think so), but it was going too fast? I'm confused.

Originally Posted by Kelsey
Enter third party. Well, third and fourth party. I thought he was going out with this one girl, but I turned out to be wrong, thank god, because she’s someone I could never compete with you know?? Anyways, turns out he wasn’t, and when I asked him about it, he was kind of pissed…but anyways, now I’m thinking he’s going out with this other girl, cause I’m not stupid, and can pick up on hints. Which reminds me….when we were together, it was like no one could know, which I’m fine with. Except now there’s hints and he’s all buddy-buddy with other girls and doesn’t hide that fact. The paranoia in me can think that he was embarrassed to be associated with me, I don’t know for sure though.
Kelsey dear, you're making your love life complicated. I just warned Louie not to make life complicated. You're just going to keep digging that hole...Don't get caught up in love triangles unless you really love him...

Originally Posted by Kelsey
To make things worse, after not having talked to him in a long time, I initiated a conversation and worked in that I missed him…you know, not a big deal,it wasn’t supposed to mean much. Except now that I’ve started suspecting certain things, how fucking humiliating is that?
It's not humilating. I often find it quite flattering, but that's just me. If he had feelings for you, that would have done it. I suppose if he has just ignored you, he doesn't feel much is there (you did break up with him...).

And what sort of things are you suspecting? You have to be more clear.

Originally Posted by Kelsey
Anyways, this is hella long now and I just want feedback I guess. So high school isn’t it? I can’t decide whether I should stick it out and try to remain friends with him no matter what, or just be like, fuck it. Cause, as of right now, i'm trying (and barely succeeding) to fight back the hatred..
Hatred of whom? I thought you loved, you girls are much more complicated and fickle than I had imagined.

Um, I suppose you could just say fuck it. That would be the most sensible decision. But of course you love him, so it's prolly not going to be as easy as that. It'd be like me saying fuck it to Keira since she's never responded to any of my letters. You know, it's not easy to break love's trance.

If you guys aren't talking and he's giving you cold shoulder in the hallways and funny looks, his interest level is prolly below 50%. Meaning, there is no chance with him. Whatever you did (or he did), it can't be mended, it's over. And nothing you say to him is going to fix it. It'll prolly make it worse.

So yes, my advice is to say fuck it, and move on, as hard as it may be for you to do so. It will save you many heartaches and headaches. It is possible to raise a guy's interest level back up to the 70% range. It's rare, but possible. But that would require a wardrobe change, that would require you to have toned abs and nice ass, that would require an atittude change, that would require you to change social status in the high school hiearchy(increase popularity), etc. You know, all that sudden change is unhealthy and isn't worth it for just one guy.

Although you should strive for change on a slower scale. There's nothing wrong with evolution of your mind and body.

O and don't be friends with him unless he offers it to you. This whole sticking it with him seems kinda fishy to me. You have to get over him to move on and spending more and more time with him is just going to make you fall in love with him again (and then you're going to get hurt, again, especially if he's the one that dumps you).

And you know what? Fuck him. If he doesn't appreciate you the way you are now, then find someone else who does. Kelsey, I saw your picture in the pictures thread. You're beautiful. Don't let some lame ass punk bring you down. I'm sure there'll be another that will come your way. It's only high school, and beyond high school, there is the world. And we both can agree that the world is vast with multitudes of gorgeous guys waiting for you.
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