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Hey, my brother goes to U of M too....good times.

Anyways, about your mom - I had to post on this thread because, as some people here know, my womb donor makes me want to jump off a cliff. I hate her, I hate her family...whatever....anyways, take it from somebody who's mother hardly cares, appreciate the fact that your mom worries about you, even though you think it's unreasonable. Next time she calls you down to tell you not to get into a car with a stranger who asks you if you want candy, acknowledge her warnings instead of stare at her blankly; say something like "I know, I can't believe anyone would be that stupid." Whatever....not only are you her daughter, you're her baby, she probably hates the fact that you're growing up. Just don't even think about things like burning down your house or smashing her over her head. I wish more than anything that I would be able to have my mother there by side for those important kind of things like picking out my wedding dress, getting married, bouncing name ideas off of her for my first child, but that won't happen. Cherish your relationship with her, it's one of those things that is completely worth it if you put work into it.
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