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Originally Posted by NearokA
Elijah, you know we only kidding about the guns, right? hehe. But mace and baseball bat is fine. Don't forget the friends. Nothing better than a good public beating.

Would you rather have a paranoid mother, or would you rather get raped in a dark alley? I know what my choice would be, and it ain't getting action in the alley...whatever you do, just be cautious and use your brain.
actually quiet easy to get a gun online, my friends did it for our report....and i dont want a paranoid mother, seriously i live in the suburbs, no dark allies in my town, though a lot of fire crazed people who like to set fires, but i am very cautious. i would understand anyone's concern but my mom takes it way to far.

Nick: thanks for the advice, havent thought of that one yet. very for concerns about gang violence i hear from others. i would work my way up pretty fast (got brains to control the chumps at the bottom), so i could get a bunch of goonies to beat up people i dont like. and the drug part, learned everything i need to know about that business from scarface and transpotting.
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