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Originally Posted by deviljet88
Here's an idea, all people who hate Avril Lavinge, lets go to a fansite of hers, then bomb it with YOU LOSERS? :P You can't even appreciate what an artist/performer does anymore without being claimed as being obssessed.
i happen to be a member of one such forum (avril is teh cool) and while some avril fans (usually under the age of 14) tend to be somewhat immature and/or idiotic, almost 95% of the haters who visit such forums are twice as stupid.

and on what i assume is the gist of this thread, i would say that people are free to hold their opinion that keira is - insert derogatory comment - just as we are free to like her. my friends always say "she looks like a man!" to which i take great offence, but then i tend to say "orlanda bloom is a woman. LOOK, he has BREASTS!" so i guess i give just as much as i take.

but in relevance to this forum, people who 'hate' someone and then visit fan forums to talk about how much they 'dislike' a person... i just don't get it. i mean, i'm all for pushing my opinion on everyone else whenever i get the chance, but to go looking for an argument regarding such a worthless topic as celebrities? who on earth goes "i hate this person. oohhh... i'm going to type in -so and so- into google and find a fan website where i can register to become a member to hassle fans and thus have fun!" what fun could possibly be had? i would think that the idea of coming across fans of -whatever you dislike- would be a cringe-worthy experience in itself. why subject yourself to such torture? i for one, could never be bothered to search for a 'busted' or 'good charlotte' fansite. why would i waste my time on things that i obviously don't like?

and i just realised that i got the wrong idea about this thread (after finally reading foeni's initial post) so i'll say this: some people on forums ARE obsessed. crazy obsessed. crazy stalkerish obsessed. but generally forum members aren't. we just flock to a site because it's keira media haven and we join the forum to see what other keira fans are like. if this was a forum full of scary stalker fans we would be freaked and we would leave. as it is, the forum is full of nice wholesome intelligent members who have a variety of interests totally unrelated to keira. and for that reason, we remain.

but honestly, when you make poll threads which revolve around the idea of dating keira, professing love for keira, thinking about how perfect keira is, etc... some people might think you're a bit odd.
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