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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Nahh. We can get Guinness, which is a fucking Godsend. You'll need it after I ram a steel-capped boot upside your skull. And all men have a code. We've gotta be united against the evils of women dude.
Real men drink homemade moonshine. lol. And you'll need that after I break my steel-capped boot up in yo' ass!

In an ideal world, we'd all stand united, but this is a world of capitalism. Sooner or later, every man will turn on his brother for some sweet happens all the time and to the very best of friends. Women are evil, but there is little we can do about it. lol. We are but poor players on a stage...and the women are the puppet masters!

Originally Posted by Hazzle
Did I say that? Just said it was cuntish to go after another man's girl. And personally I think going for two girls at the same time is slightly beyond promiscuity. One after another is a TOTALLY different story
I'll make note to go after your girl. hehe. O, and make sure your girl has a cunt, okay? None of that trans-sexual stuff...

No really, I mean, if you like the girl, and you think there is a strong chance she likes you, go for it. Remember, it's the woman who chooses the man, not the other way around...
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time,
--Mos Def
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