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Originally Posted by Hazzle
Wait, did Nearoka just make a sensible post that I can agree with for once? Will wonders never cease?!

Sorry, I just felt after the bashing we give our Korean Seattle-based friend (is there a word for people from Seattle?), usually with just cause, that when he DOES make a sensible post I figure I should voice my agreement with him. It doesn't happen that often, so why not?
Every post I make is sensible. You're just not drunk enough. lol.

Elijah, you know we only kidding about the guns, right? hehe. But mace and baseball bat is fine. Don't forget the friends. Nothing better than a good public beating.

Would you rather have a paranoid mother, or would you rather get raped in a dark alley? I know what my choice would be, and it ain't getting action in the alley...whatever you do, just be cautious and use your brain.
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
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--Mos Def
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