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Originally Posted by NearokA
Friends have a code. Strangers amoung men do not. And I for one will happliy go to England and give you a healthy beating. hehe. Amercian style beating. Then we can go to the pub and get trashed with the most foul tasting, cheapest beer there is.
Nahh. We can get Guinness, which is a fucking Godsend. You'll need it after I ram a steel-capped boot upside your skull. And all men have a code. We've gotta be united against the evils of women dude.

A true playa makes his actions known. The woman already knows if he's going for sex or going for a relationship, and therefore, it is her choice whether to proceed or not. It's 2004 Haz, you can't tell me that you still think men are the only gender that practices promiscuity?
Did I say that? Just said it was cuntish to go after another man's girl. And personally I think going for two girls at the same time is slightly beyond promiscuity. One after another is a TOTALLY different story
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