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Whoa, for a second there, I thought you wanted advice on how to have sex with your mom...phew.

You're just lucky to have a mom who loves you that much. My mother was the same to me, until I got a car at 16.

1). No. Well, yes if you have company like friends. No if you're going alone.
2). Yes, but don't argue with anger, argue with logic. Write down your arguement and present it to her professionally. Then proceed to outline the strengths and weakness, you know, that sort of thing. Best to argue with facts and keep your emotions under control. She may get fustrated, and still say no. Then at least you can feel gratified that you won. hehe. And you know what? Make another argument tomorrow. And keep doing it everyday until she says yes and keep making compromises so you both can arrive at something to agree on.
3). No. That will get you in prison. Not good. You will get raped by big muscle women. lol. They will force you to lick their...erm...watermelons (think reddish pink and juicy...). You don't want that. Not even I would want that.
4). No. It's your house too. Don't forget that.
5). Only if you hate foster parents. Don't ever play jokes like this to your real parents unless they really are abusive.

On my campus, every so often I hear of a college girl getting kidnapped and raped. It's rare, but it happens and it can happen in your own backyard. Just be cautious and always go places with company or carry some handy mace. I don't know what it's like to be raped, but I'm sure it's not a pleasant feeling. As you get older, change up the mace for a hefty 12 gauge. heh heh heh...That'll teach those suckas not to mess with you. Pump action if you want multiple bursts of enjoyment or double barreled for double the fun. lol.

On a side note, I never knew you were female...
Love your older brother. You're lucky, korean girls do alot more chores than that...and I was meaner to my younger sister. When I look back at it, I'm very sorry, but that's life. My sister use to do cleaning and cooking first out of hatred since my mother forced her to. And you don't even want to know what korean mothers are like. Much worse. 10x times worse. Now my sister does most of that out of love. I guess as she matured, it stopped bothering her so much.

Now, I don't know much about cleaning and cooking, I know enough to get me through another day, and I'm quite thankful for all she's done for me. What I do know is how to make money. Perhaps I'll return the favor someday.

If you were an accident child, you're mother would be pushing you out the I'm sure it has something with you being young and female.
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