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Originally Posted by NearokA
Fuck that other guy. Be a playa, ask her out anyways, and do it with some style and pizzazz (no pussy ass notes ). That's what I'd do. hehe. And if she says no, well, then you know for sure that she doesn't like you.'re just adding more proof to the argument that you're not a guy after all. FFS real men have a code about not ripping off another guy's girl, cos that's not only cuntish and unmanly, it goes against the principle of the brotherhood of man against the evils of women.

From what it sounds like, Brittany does not appear to be as "hot" as you said she was. There are some women with average looks that can make up for it with a spunky personality. Do not rule out Brittany based on her looks alone.
Cunty way of putting it, but he makes a good point.

If you just wanna fuck Brittany or Danielle, then by all means, go for both and see which one says yes.
Yeah, sorry mate, I've tried seeing that any other way but that's just a cunty way of going about things. Considering if a guy fucked over my little sister, or any of my female friends like that, he'd end up getting the shit kicked out of him, it makes me further doubt your claims to being a pretty boy. Unless the guys in Seattle are ALL pussies, I'm surprised some guy hasn't beaten the holy fuck out of you for fucking around with his sister or mate like that.

If you want a relationship with Brittany, don't ask Danielle out and don't give Danielle any signals. Vice Versa. Again, you're just going to weave that triangle and make your love life more complicated than it needs to be, especially if you start dating Brittany just so you can find someone better...

Whatever you do, don't make women bitter. They will remember your ass and stalk your ass and hate your ass. And 10 years down the line, you don't want that shit to bite you in the ass, because women do not forget their enemies. Ever.
Now THERE he makes sense. Even he manages it sometimes.

As for Danielle's continued "signals" I'd go with what Ryan said. She may just be being nice, or she may be a natural flirt...doesn't mean she's interested, and if she's seeing someone else, whether she's interested or not, you missed the boat. So sadly, as Ryan said, it'll hurt more now, as you'll have that sinking feeling about never having tried, but such is life.

And yeah, what Ryan said about women being fucked up...true that.
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