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Originally Posted by Louie
No you got it right Haz, I meant to put that she said yes to the guy that asked her out. I guess I rushed it . Someone said to watch out, that Brittany could turn out to be a 65 year old lady? She is friends with my sister and I have seen a few pictures of her, just never met her.

Although Danielle is going out with that guy now, she is still acting like she likes me, I don't get it. I think that she did like me but I waited too long and did nothing so she moved on with that guy.
she may just be being nice..or just naturally flirtacious even though she's 'involved'.
in any event, you never know. it might hurt to get rejected if you asked earlier, but it'll hurt more when you realize you never even tried.
women are generally fucked up.
no, i'm not bitter.
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