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Originally Posted by NearokA
I think they are poking fun at black people, the way they use derogatory language to each other all the time. I laughed so hard because I know what it's all about. And you can see here the ridiculous behavior of people who aren't black calling themselves nigga all the time. Don't listen to these british punks, you have to be purely american to understand this. lol.
<Nods> I see what they were trying to do, and it started off working, but they just killed the joke. And I know ALL about killing jokes, as I do it all too often .

It wasn't so funny because they ruinated the joke. Oh yeah, and Renegade's from LA Jacoby...why'd you forget LA from your list? Poor Ren. Then again you included him as a Brit which, considering being a Brit is better than being a yank, is quite a compliment.
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