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what to do about psychotic bitch?

formally title "advice on relationship with mother?"....yes i was that angry and bored so i changed it

okay...basically my mom is stupid. here's the situation, well....just one of them (there are so many more )but this is the major one that's been pissing me off

the problem (and i'll try to keep it short):

i live in walking distance of the commerical section of my town. there's everything there; mall, target store, bookstore, fast food, etc. it's about less then 1/4 of a mile and right across the street. i'm 15, in two months 16 yrs old and i want to walk or ride my bike to the stores but my mom wont let me. it's really unreasonable, she thinks i'll get murdered, kidnapped, raped, etc because she sees so much shit happening on tv. though when my older brother (4 yrs older) was my age and younger he was allowed to go anywhere without question. plus my parents wont let me drive for another year...but it's fucking 2 minutes away. (they complain constantly about giving me a ride but they wont let me drive) also, the main reason i want to go is to study at the bookstore, they have cliffnotes. i dont want to be a bad kid and disobey what my parents say but this is retarded.

more about my mom: ex. when she sees a story on the news about a kid being kidnapped by getting into a car with someone offering candy, she'll call me down from my room and tells me not to take candy from strangers. i just give her a blank stare and want to scream "i'm fucking 15 yrs old you fucking psycho!" she's thinks i'm retarded...i dont know if it's because i'm a girl, that i'm the youngest, or i am "an accident child" as my bother puts it (also i have to basically take care of my brother, my parents spoil him. he's 20 yrs old but i'm forced to do his laundry)

1- go without asking, which i've done before
2- argue even though i wont win and just make my mom really angry at me and make me super frustrated
3- smack her on the head with a blunt object and leave
4- burn down the house with her in it
5- call child services (they may not think it's a big deal but i'll say that i get locked in my house which is basically what happens since i'm not allowed to go outside)
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