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Originally Posted by NearokA
Sigh, well here goes...

1) First mistake is "talking" to her on the phone and online for 3-4 hours. Why don't you be a man and talk to her face to face for 3-4 hours everyday. Actually, if you read anything I wrote, which you didn't otherwise you wouldn't need this advice, then in one months time, you'd have already given her strong signals of how you feel and that there is no room for friendship...
You make a solid point but some people would rather have friendship than friendship's a good launching pad...anyway...apparently the key to lasting relationships is friendship as a basis so...

There are two kinds of relationship with women. Lust, and friendship, and a good relationship has elements of both. So I wouldn't per se knock friendship. But yeah...if it's pssible in person is a lot better...signals would also make it very clear if she likes you back etc, which makes life a lot simpler.

2). Please clarify "all over me." I think you're suffering from dillusions. Chances are, you only think she's all over you.
Hahaha. Sorry, but Nearoka probably has a point here.

3). Second mistake, if Brittany's hot, go for it. Wtf is wrong with you teenagers?
Seemingly he wants the other one, if I read it right...and he figures if he goes for Brittany that'd kill the situation with the other girl dead. At least that's my understanding.

4). Third mistake: whatever you do, don't get caught up in a love triangle. If you like Danielle, then don't "hang out" with Brittany. You're just asking for things to get screwy if you try and date both...
Heh...I wouldn't go as far as saying if you like Danielle, don't hang out with Brittany but be fucking careful about the infamous love triangle situation. Things get major screwy and you could end up with neither girl.

5). Fourth mistake: If I were you, and again I repeat this, and Brittany is "hot," then what I don't understand is why are you thinking so hard on this? THe answer's pretty obvious...
Probably because he's much more interested in the other one <shrugs>.

6). Women can't be friends with other strange women. They will get jealous and you will be caught in the middle, and it won't be fun. Pick Brittany, or pick Danielle. And if you pick one and "hang out with the other," do not, under any circumstance, bring up the other woman. Ever. Especially if you think both have some feelings for you.
That there be good advice. From Nearoka no less. Wow.

Originally Posted by deviljet88
Try going with Brittany. I mean Danielle hasn't even said if she likes you...
That seems smart. Go out with Brittany, hang out with Danielle...and be ever careful of the love triangle and as Nearoka said...under no circumstances bring up the other girl. Women be jealous things at the BEST of times.
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