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the movie doesn't come out in australia until July 15th... lookin forward to see it when it come out!!

From 'English Rose' To 'Warrior'
Actress Keira Knightly plays this Machiavellian Guinevere, a woman who is driven by an overwhelming ambition to liberate her people.

"She's no damsel in distress," says Knightly. "The only Guinevere we've ever seen is someone who gets passed from man to man and doesn't have much to say about it. Our Guinevere is alot tougher than that. She's a fighter, a warrior, as much as any man- and she does have something to fight for. That's based on historical fact- the women did fight on equal standing with the men. That's never really been shown before."

"She would terrify me," she says. "We do show that there is a soft side to her; there has to be a soft side, but i think that has to be suppressed when there is a cause to fight."

In addition to the unusual part, the chance to work with her co-stars proved an attraction as well. "i've got seven hunks in leather; what more can a girl ask for?"

source from sunday herald sun, July 4, 2004
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