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I have had my step-brother in my life for maybe 3 years. He is not well mannered, he tries to piss people off, and all he does is play video games. I had a girlfriend by the name of susan when I was 13, and she would say "I love you" In which I didn't love her, so maybe it was for the sake of making her feel good. But non-the-less, I'm stating this 13 year old that is associated with me doesn't have a relationship on his mind. Trust me, I'm around him more than anyone else in his life. But that really doesn't matter. My point is that he doesn't know what love is. He constantly whines about not having sex, at 13! That is not love. period.

Maybe, I'm Personally going by what I think. Maybe someone doesn't have a problem with falling in love with a voice or the words on the computer. I personally don't see that as love.

I don't really know if I can explain my last part any better. I tried on the others going into deeper detail. But, this may just be a disagree. I personally just don't believe that someone can know what love is. Perhaps you do, and congrads for finding love at 16. Power to you. I'm saying love isn't that casual. I see love as a sacred bond. Although that could be why I haven't found love, but I'm 16 so I don't expect love. I think thats all you commented on.
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