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Originally Posted by Liam
As terrible as this sounds - the picture made me laugh. A lot.

Don't take it to heart dude. Incredibly, Nearoka has a point:
Yes...quite amazing Nearoka made a couple of decent comments on the thread. He's still entirely inconsistent, he talks about respect for women but acts like a prick (well I suppose he has to make up for not HAVING one), and I wouldn't really follow much of his advice, but the confidence thing is actually pretty solid advice.

It's not really about the clothes, but he's right in saying clothes can make you confident (and you know what things have that effect on needn't be new shit you go out and buy it may be stuff you already own that makes you feel...invincible), however confidence is all in the head. And yes, it is crucial to be confident, I doubt any girls would disagree with that...there is, however, a fine line between confidence and arrogance and Nearoka crosses it regularly.

Oh, and yeah, don't batter yourself about past cock ups. Trust me, my record's a FAIR bit worse than 0-10 and I put that entirely down to a lack of confidence and battering myself about past cock ups...

Finally, I don't THINK Nearoka's a moron. He IS one. Such is the gospel according to Hazzle...he has spoken.
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