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Originally Posted by Kyle_West
I have a younger 13 year old step-brother. He told his girlfriend that he loved her, but he never sees her. They only talk on the phone and the most they probably do is hold hands at school. Is that love?
Who's to say? I'd say not...but then I'd hate to be so judgemental as to assume my thoughts are relevant considering they're HIS feelings...

If you can't see this person then it's meaningless. So it's hard to love someone you can only hear.
Hard, but not impossible.

Also, alot of people say love knows no age. Which I don't know if thats true. Young people can't comprehend what love is. A 5 year old boy loves his 4 year old neighbor, but as soon as he goes to school or whatever a new person will come into the picture, unless this is in a movie. But not just young. Am I sure what love is? no. Have I had feeling for girls? yes. Was it love? I guess not. But my point is, just don't use the word love as an everyday thing.
I think the "love knows no age" thing can't be taken literally...noone is assuming a 3 year old can "fall in love" (though they can experience parental love and familial love)...we're talking about the period from about 12 to 18 where some people have experienced love, and others say they can't have done...I disagree entirely...I first fell in love at 16 and I'm still in love with her...I always will be...
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