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Originally Posted by Mandy
Your posts that demean people are no longer surpriseing and funny to me.
You see dear, that if you'd read Nearoka's post just before mine, that he's arguing that other people are jackasses and fools, and implying he is the wiseman, who has things to teach. Which is evidently not the case. It wasn't supposed to be 'surprising' or funny, perhaps you're being irritable due to something else?

Nearoka, I hate Oxford and Cambridge, as more often than not, they are full of stuck up twats, with the idea that they are smarter and in someway better than everyone else. In that sense, you fit right in, unfortunately your lack of intelligence would make you only worthy of serving Oxbridge students kebabs on the street.

You think I'd look after you, and show you around, because you're Korean? I'm an equal opportunity hater, and I fucking hate you. You're lucky I don't know what you look like, as if I saw you in the street, I'd put a boot through your 'perfect' face.

Now I'm locking this, as it appears to be the unspoken wish of the masses.
And I so do love to please people and tell them what they want to hear.
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