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Originally Posted by Nick
You mean to tell me if a girl had to choose between a guy who was really nice but had very little money and a guy who is a total jackass but is a millionaire, the girl would choose the nice guy who's poor! I find that very hard to believe.
So answer the question ladies, and be totaly honest. Would you really choose the nice guy who really loves you but is barely able to support you or would you choose the rich guy that's a total jackass and just thinks of you as a sex object?
The nice guy who really loved me, 100%. Maybe that's just because I don't actually need a guy's money to support me, because I have money of my own, but even if I didn't...who wants to be stuck for all eternity with a huge asshole? I think any woman that wasn't a complete flake would realize that money is not the right reason to get into a relationship.

So to the guys - answer the same question. Nice/shy girl with no money or banging hottie with a ton of money and a foul attitude? I'm curious.
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