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You guys entertain me. Especially Cliffy. I'm going to apply to oxford and cambridge. If I get in, I'm going to stalk Cliffy, hehe.

You're absolutely right. Guys, be nice and always ask permission before you ever do anything. Looks have nothing to do with attraction. Let's all not shower for a few months. Afterall, it's the personality that matters. And who cares if I gain an extra 10lbs, it's just more of me to love baby.

I think Hassel has been deprived of women. He needs to get back into college and see all the hot honeys in low cut pants and tank tops. I think the college girls will eat him alive, especially those sorority girls (they really intimidating because of their popularity and beauty, you really have to know your stuff, and most of them still have that high school mentality and group confidence). Hassel, you know I'm in seattle, yes? Come to the U of Washington. Teach me the proper way to get women. I'll buy you some sushi, k?

The truth is, Hassel, I don't think you know how to deal with really beautiful women. But what do I know? Come and show me.

I don't need to teach guys how to get medicore looking women. All you have to do is be nice. Everybody's nice. To get the incredibly hot women, you need to be more than nice. Because they're expecting that. I'm not a jackass nor do I act like one. I'm a very soft spoken person and when I look at people, I give them a soft gaze with a smile. I didn't say to act like one of those jackasses in the bar that uses lame pickup lines and sex jokes, I said when entering a bar, have the invincible mentality. I said when approaching a woman, don't focus on getting her digits, but focus on having an energetic conversation with her. I said the best way to approach women is with body language (which evidently, includes being well dressed), because most guys talk too damn much and body language says I want to have sex with you without actually saying it. But I don't want to elaborate on this further since none of you seem interested.

Instead of just insulting me, why don't you ask me questions if you're confused with something I said? Why don't you offer a counterarguement and an example? If you got a smokin' hot thang by being nice, I would like to know how you did it.

I'm being serious here, okay? I have never approached a woman. They have always approached me. Listen, I ask a woman out, when I already know the answer is yes. If I have doubts, I just ignore them and continue my business. Why? Because I know that if you have (1) looks and (2) attitude, another hot thang will come my way. It's so simple. You guys will see it oneday. Pretty woman come in handfuls, beautiful women come once or twice in a lifetime.

Here's one last tip: When a woman approaches you and wants to talk to you, talk to her for a bit. Then say that you're really busy and that the only way to continue this discussion is to buy you tea or coffee. You see the subtlety here? You're asking her out! If she says yes, then you know she's interested, feed on this, and be more confident! If she doesn't say anything, then get up and leave. There's no point in wasting your time talking to her. Remember, this only works if the woman has 80%+ interest level, because she has to come to you.

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