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Originally Posted by acliff
You're not powerful, you don't have a good attitude, and no matter how expensive your suits may be, underneath it you will be and will always remain a prick.

Go find yourself a blonde bombshell with the IQ of a brick wall, although even they would probably (hopefully for their sake) see through the sheer idiocy in everything that you say and do. Don't come crying back to us when your 'ideal' woman ends up cheating on you with several huge black men called Dexter, who come and drop kick you in the face for being such a fucking girl.

If you're as attractive as you perceive yourself to be, why don't you prove it and post a picture? I'm sure the general KKW audience would be bowled over by your dashing looks, and long flowing double conditioned locks.
No? Then shut the fuck up.
why does cliff always post what i think,
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The lobbying groups all hate him and thats a good sign.
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