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i think you should know that generally girls are bitches. to each other. usually girls are more likely to treat guys a lot nicer than they would a friend who they've been arguing with. sometimes there hasn't even been an argument to provoke such treatment. so if you're getting trodden on by women (you sound like you're speaking from a lot of personal experience) then perhaps you should look more at the defficiencies within, rather than blaming the problem on the entire population of the opposite sex.

and yes, women love pretty boys because they're nice to look at. that doesn't make them nice to date. it's not all about having an attitude, cos if it was then there wouldn't be such a fuss over the new-age sensitive guy. reason? because they're not jerks. it's one thing to be a jerk by pulling a girl's ponytail (or adult equivalent behaviour) it's a totally different thing to simply be a jerk.

you, sir, are a jerk. and an idiot.

and on the pretty boy note (because we love 'em) the worst kind of jerk is the pretty boy with an attitude. actually, this is made much worse when he's not too intelligent either, then you have a pretty boy who knows he's good-looking and therefore exudes the over-confident "i can get women" attitude but is too dumb to actually realise that the girl is going from "i got myself a hot man, yeah!" to "fucking asshole bastard needs to be castrated and then defenestrated" in the span of 2 weeks.
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