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Originally Posted by marry rich people
Ok now you just sound like you're telling us how to manipulate people... creepy hypnotist.
Believe me when I say this, women learn how to manipulate men at a very early age, ESPECIALLY the pretty ones, so don't even give me that. ALL you have to do is just HANG OUT with pretty women, and you'll see just how manipulative they are.

When guys learn to manipulate PRETTY women, then the pretty women will give respects instead of thinking you just another "yes ma'am" wuss. I'm just teaching guys not to put up with a pretty woman's whines. Man the fuuck up!

If you ask me, there were 2 mistakes Dyce made. First, was hitting on a woman with low interest level (50-70%). Women have low interest because 1 of 2 reasons: (1) You too damn ugly! (2) You don't have right attitude, you a wuss!. Attitude can make up for ugliness (but if you too damn ugly, then you need to get on the products and the treadmill). Prettiness can make up for attitude (you can't be too pretty, ignore what these people say on these forums, women LOVE pretty boys). IF YOU MASTER these two things, YOU WILL ALWAYS have high interest level with women. IN FACT, THE PRETTY WOMEN WILL COME TO YOU!! Fancy that. OTHER SMALL FACTORS include clothes, voice, tone, big dick, etc. THESE SMALL FACTORS give you the EDGE when you face another PLAYER who knows his SHIT! WHAT? Did you think you're the only one who knows how to mac on women?? WHY do I ALWAYS have to spell this out for you guys? I assumed you knew how to read!! Do I have to do this every article?? The second, was writing that wussy note. Geez, that's something only Hassel would do.

"O please baby, please go out with me okay? I think it'd be very nice if we got together and do something. Do you think it's possible that we could be a thing?"

ARRRGGH! I'm fustrated. sigh. I should stop posting these replies. You guys will never get it. I give up. Women will always tell guys to be nice and buy them lots of shit so they can use them and to be ugly, so it's easier to dump them later. Men will always follow the woman's advice, thinking that it will give him the edge. I guess the cycle will never stop. It's quite obvious that every man here is a wuss, except, perhaps Liam.

And it's quite obvious that every girl here wants to keep their power and continue to maniuplate men. Don't worry girls, your secret is safe with me, I won't write any more articles. Guys will continue to look ugly, afterall, ugly people are easy to dump, especially the ones with lots of money. Suck these punks dry, and then after they get burned over and over again, they might finally see the light or they can be like Dyce, and keep getting burned, never realizing what he did wrong.
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