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i'm thinking that advice on 'how to get the girl' should be written by women, as opposed to men. including those who run a website sponsored by companies which specialise in masturbation devices (hint: if you've got the girl and you're doing things right, you shouldn't NEED a masturbation device!)

with that said:
1) Attitude-cocky and funny
2) Voice clarity and tone
3) Ripped body/beautiful face
4) Clothes/shoes
5) Jewelry
6) A big dick
you've just described ewan mcgregor. not including the ripped body (but hey, he's married) or the jewelry (man jewelry is a bit... too gay to be important) and furthermore, girls who follow a list like that aren't looking for a relationship. those things won't get you the girl, they'll just make her want to get you. for one night. ta.

and if you're getting brushed off by a pretty girl it's probably not because she's too pretty, it's because she's simply not interested in you. your tips on being an a-grade dick, while entertaining, will not gain said interest.
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