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I'm not the only one. There are many of us. Women do alot of telling and commanding in a relationship only because the man lets her have the upper hand and she's prolly more beautiful.

Switch the tables. And you know what? You'll be doing all the telling and commanding. It's not telling her what to do directly. It's about finesse. You're going to tell her what to do, and she won't even suspect what's going on.

That, is a player.

A jackass is telling her what to do directly, and getting slapped in the face.

I feel as if you guys only read the words, sex and big dick, and proceed to ignore the rest. Iono. I just don't know...If you guys don;t like sex, then why are you sitting here emphasizing that part of the article? It seems every article I write, it always comes down to sex. It seems I'm not the only one here even though some of you won't admit it openly...The point of the article wasn't even about sex! lol. sigh. whatever.
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