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Originally Posted by marry rich people
Very true, Foeni. NearokA has suddenly opened my eyes and made me realize that I am, afterall, just a sex toy (i.e. woman).

NearokA and ignorance seem to get along quite well.
I never said women were sex toys. I did say I enjoy having sex with them, but come on, who doesn't?

While most women will agree with me that they do not prefer the "porn" sex, I have yet to meet a women that turned down a sex massage. If you still don't understand the distinction, perhaps you need to dump that little high school boy you call your "boyfriend" and get a real man...

I understand your fustration. Most girl's idea of sex involves 5 seconds blind thrusts followed by some disgusting grunt. Or another, "doggy" style sex. You know, the kind where your "man" thrusts too fast like a horny dog. Then proceeds to drool all over the place. Some of you ladies know what I'm talking about.

One day I hope you'll find a man that will show you that sex doesn't have to be taboo anymore (nor does it have to be painful ). Women should learn to express their sexual freedom more. Women get horny too, and most of them think about sex more than I do!

I'm just trying to educate the guys here how to keep their women happy. If sex was not part of the equation, I wouldn't have emphasized it. O and I'm refering to how to keep women happy, not little girls. Please don't confuse the two.
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