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Originally Posted by Mandy're saying you're a lesbian? Wha? I'm confused....
P.S. Having sex with your mom doesn't make you an expert on women.
You meanie! I sowwie Mandy. Just telling it how it is, you know? If women wanted nice guys who loves the animals and always says please, then you'd see me alot different. Truth is, women condition me to be like this, so you really have your own kind to thank for this. Please don't be mad, sometimes truth hurts, but we get through it together, k?

PS: Mandy, you know my family lives in Wichita? I visit them twice a year. Yeah, I was going to attend k-state and all, but you know seattle was more interesting. Anyways, there aren't that many sushi bars in kansas. Here, we have one on every corner. I love it.

Originally Posted by MeggieHoops
You try to come off like you're the hottest shit since sliced bread
Like the imagery. You should smile more. It makes me happy when people smile. O and Meggie, I bought some American Crew hair conditioner cream. My hair is extra soft now!!!

Originally Posted by Sarah
catch one in a river.
How cute. Well, at least I got you to post in my thread.

PS: Do you like fishing? I use to love fishing when I was young. If I ever go to England, you mind doing some ocean fishing with me? I'm about as clueless as you are, but together I think we can manage something.

Originally Posted by marry rich people
You can't classify women into one catagory llike they are some creatures that are all the same. You are a complete and utter asshole.
Women are different like apples and oranges. They each have distinct flavors and distinct looks and distinct textures. But in the end, they all just fruit. I dunno, how am I an asshole? Did I ever insult you? Do you want me to start insulting you? Then what would you call me?

Lastly, girls, I did say it was a general players guide. Please stop saying it's very specific. Thanks.
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
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two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
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