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Originally Posted by NearokA
Have some respect and manners. (refering to women)
Didn't you say in a different thread that the girls here want to suck your balls? Or something queer like that? Hopefully you use acne creame on your balse.

Dyce...daaaaaa ssuuuuuuuck. Be optimistic, I mean, you still have your hands, right? Your right hand will never do something as childish as that girl did. Your right hand could never avoid you (unless, like, it becomes possessed and runs away from you and shit - like in that movie Idle Hands,) it's your slave. A legal slave. I'm only kidding, Dill, don't worry about this girl. It's obvious that she's not worth it, like someone mentioned before. It's hard to believe this girl would be so fucking stupid about it.
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