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Originally Posted by marry rich people
I'll break this to you slowly, NearokA. This might surprise just a little bit, but you know absolutely nothing about women. Being a women myself, I can tell you that women will know more about what they want than guys ever will, especially you. You can't classify women into one catagory llike they are some creatures that are all the same. You are a complete and utter asshole.

Seriously, you just need to stop. You try to come off like you're the hottest shit since sliced bread, like you know exactly what you're talking about...but in all actuality, we all know you're never going to get laid, we all know that your take on women is completely off, and we all just truly don't care what you have to say anymore.

But hey, you clearly like being thought of as a total cock sucker, so keep it up.
xo Meg
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