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On getting the girl

Most guys seem to think that they can get ripped in two weeks. And if they can't, they usually give up. Getting ripped is a year long process of intense dieting (meaning watch what you eat), 8 meals a day, and intense workouts. In short, it ain't easy.

Much the same way, getting the girl you want, while not a year long process, takes definately a few weeks of strategic planning. The only exception to this is if you're out having fun and could careless about getting laid and a woman approaches you.

I'm going to venture out on a limb here and say that most women's interest level is around 50-70%. 50 being "I'm just going to ignore you" and 70 being "I need my friend to convince me how much I like that guy." Why? Because you're probably going for the woman too pretty for you. No offense intended to anyone, but you'll notice that the uglier they are, the easier they are to ask out. Now, you're a player, "too pretty for you" doesn't apply to you. You got to some how formulate a plan and raise this low interest level. Please don't assume that it only takes 2 days to raise a women's interest. Sometimes it can take a few months.

Know thyself. I'm going to be brief here since I've already outlined most of these points in either other articles or my replies. Listed in order of importance.
1) Attitude-cocky and funny
2) Voice clarity and tone
3) Ripped body/beautiful face
4) Clothes/shoes
5) Jewelry
6) A big dick

Know your prey. The term we use in warcraft is called "scouting." These are tests to determine her interest level. Listed in no order.
1) Eye contact-hold eye contact and make note of what she does
2) Make yourself known without direct contact with her. ie ask questions in class.
3) Talk-Best way to gain background information
4) Touch-Bump into her, touch her hair, touch her face, ask her to check out your nice car and if she sits there and thinks about it, grab her hand and say "c'mon."
5) Check her out, often. And on a couple of occasions, let her see you check her out.
6) Be a challenge. And for god's sake, don't be a pussy.

Relationships. Once you get the woman, here are some steps to keeping her interest level up. Listed in no order.
1) Sex. Lots of it. And use different techniques and explore fantasies.
2) Touching-Hugs, foot massage, stomach massage, whatever.
3) Gifts. Doesn't have to be elaborate, little things matter.
4) Spontanaeity. One day from work, come home, push your woman against the wall and kiss her passionately. Then walk off like it ain't no thang. This is just an example. There are many other things you can do.
5) Talk. No explaination needed.
6) Laugh and keep things light. Know the full story behind arguements and pick and choose your battles. You don't need to be right all the time.
7) Compliments. Can be in the general form or in the sexual form.

General guide to a woman's interest.
<50% she does whatever she can to avoid you. You fucked up and there is nothing you can do, move on.
Player needs to do lots of work.
50% she ignores you.
60% she's cold and icy, but she still talks.
70% needs her girlfriends to like you. Often she questions herself. She blows you off and doesn't offer a reschedule or an explaination.
Player can ask woman out with little risk.
80% homework buddies! she enjoys spending time with you and talking to you. at the higher end, she enjoys spending time with you, alone.
100% no risk to the player (unless your a dumbass).
90% She goes out of her way to meet you and be with you. at the higher end, she intiates contact.
>98% She schedules events and activites around you. If she has prior plans, she gives early notice.

Remeber players, they just women. There'll always be beer to drink and high class hoes to fuck. Get up off your lazy ass and try again.
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