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Originally Posted by Jasper
Damn, that sucks Dyce. Women can be bitches sometimes.

Good news is, if she's such a bitch... its better that you didn't go out with her.
Don't say that about women, ever, unless you just playing with them. Have some respect and manners. She wasn't a bitch, she did what any teen would do. That's the way they are. Just as most of the women on this forum think I'm a complete moron. I mean, what are you gonna do? Try and change them? They just gonna laugh at you more. How about try and change yourself because that's the only thing you can do.

Life's full of pimp slaps Dyce. I know that more than anyone, believe me, you don't wanna know how many times I've failed in life and how many times I reached the brink of giving up (and these are more serious than getting laid). Smoke a blunt, drink some beer, and man the fuuck up. Women come and go man, but your integrity stays with you until you die.

Love yourself enough to improve. Love yourself enough to get ripped. Love yourself enough to figure out what the hell you did wrong. And most importantly, love yourself enough to get up, and try again.

Don't give up on love and it won't give up on you.

O, and I don't ever want to read, "I'm a fucking idiot" or "I should of just stayed away" again. Ever. I'm serious here. Don't ever take sides against yourself and don't ever tell yourself you not good enough for something.
I against I,
flesh of my flesh,
and mind of my mind,
two of a kind but one won't survive,
my images reflect in the enemies eye,
and his images reflect in mine the same time,
--Mos Def
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