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What a fucking idiot I was. I cannot believe how stupid I acted. I should have just gone with my original hunch and stayed away.

I don't feel like explaining the tangled backstory, but I will since my life is worthless anyway.

So yesterday, I wrote her a note in class asking if she wanted to do something afterwards. She wrote back saying that she had to go to work and that maybe we could do something on Friday since she has a break between classes. She also said something like "Oh yeah, sorry i didnt say hey or anything yesterday, I just thought that you didn't remember me." Thinking pessimistically at the time, I assumed that this meant: "I hope you didn't remember me". I put this out of mind.

This brings me to today, when I was surprisingly optimistic and confident. My plan was to meet her outside math class (where I usually see her), turn my homework in, and skip to go hang out with her and her friend.

When I arrived at school, I was in luck! The parking spot right next to her car was open (which is surprising because her first class starts an hour before mine), so I parked in it. I waited outside my math class until the whole class had piled out. There was no sign of her.

They snuck out the back door of the classroom to avoid me.

I was still optimistic though, because I would see them after history class, and our cars were parked together. After class, I walked out to the parking lot with one of my friends until I realized she wasn't coming. After I said goodbye to him, I stood outside my car only to see her in the passenger seat of this other girl's car, circling the parking lot. Only after I pulled off, did they stop in front of her car.

I'm a fucking idiot. I cannot believe I got my hopes up once again. It just always seems to end this way...

It's been awhile...
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