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I was married for five years, and trust me, there's more to a relationship than "keeping the magic alive".
But, since we are talking about Dyce's situation, let's leave marriage out of it.
Christ, Dyce...tell me you haven't already bought a ring!
Since Dyce intimated the fact that he doesn't have a cell phone, and I know that he is in college, I'll put two and two together and say money's probably a bit tight for a whole new wardrobe. If she gets all hot and bothered over a new shirt, you probably don't want to go there. If all you want is sex, fine, but from the tenor of your post, you want more. So long as you are neatly dressed, I don't think she'll take issue.
In addition, Dyce says he's not real good at stuff like this, so putting on some kind of cock-o'-the-walk preening show will probably make him come off simply as a cock. Be natural. Women who are looking for players may not dig your vibe, but women looking for someone they can trust will.
Oh, and Near...I hope you don't go into sales as a career. You always need to have an "advocate". If this girl and her best friend have scheduled all of their classes together, chances are that if you act like a dick toward the friend, you'll have a snowball's chance in hell with her. If the friend likes you, when your bonny lass tells her "Dylan asked me out", she'll be more likely to say "I like him...y'all would make a cute couple."
Instead of "that guy's a dick."
Good luck, Dyce Juan.
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