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Originally Posted by NearokA

Girls are easy. Relationships are hard. Getting the woman is the easy part, keeping her interested is the hard part.
Listen, Nearoka, you make it sound like relationships are some sort of game. "keeping her interested is the hard part..." If she's not interested in you, then don't try to make her interested. I mean, I couldn't be content with a woman who I knew was losing a lot of interest in me. You seem like you're uncomfortable with yourself, and that's not very good. The whole outfit you told Dyce to wear... You don't have to change your whole style to approach a girl. I don't know much about girls, but I'm sure they wouldn't want someone who changes their style all the time. I dunno, don't take advice from me, I have very little experience.

Anyways, good luck, Dyce. I hope it all works out. Take a pic of her and post it.
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