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Originally Posted by Princess
Once my ex was lecturing me, my friends and I was seated on the couch...he had been away and was telling us all how things had to be. I do not remember the context but I remember after his speech he got up and rolled up some papers and whacked me on the back of the head.... just as you would admonish a dog. I took it. I just sat there and let him hit me in front of my friends. When I saw that kooky movie I thought about that day.
That's sick...utterly sick...bastard!

Regardless all I was commenting to was the fact that no one should be abused, and people should be strong enough to admit it and change their behavior if they hurt someone else. If they don't maybe you have to be strong enough to kick...
I agree...abuse is wrong...and I hadn't actually noticed it's a man using a book to hit a woman...disgraceful...a man should never hit a matter how "softly" or how annoying that person is...and that wasn't soft either...what a pathetic testicle-less git...takes real balls to be the man who walks away...
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