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Originally Posted by Kelsey
Experience and common sense tell me those anti-depressant pills are there for a reason, you're supposed to take them *every* day, and something tells me saving them all up to take at a party while drinking just isn't safe. schmafe...sounds like fun As for "supposed to"...I've rarely ever done what I'm supposed to

But yeah...Harry Potter. I've read the books, and enjoyed them, but I'm not obsessed like some people I know. My friend Ashley is like...die hard Harry Potter fan. She got to see the new movie when we were in London (I was like...yeah, you do that...I'm going to the British Museum...) and she was beyond happy, so then when the movie was over I got to walk around forevor so she could find platform 9 3/4 at Kings Cross.
British Museum rocks...hope you got to see Senate House on your way there as both Cliff and Frank will testify it is one beautiful's like the Ghostbusters building only cooler. "We have ways of making you learn"..."You will learn".

Hehe...loving the story about the platform...

What's this? Sarah and Kelsey being amicable on a thread? Is this a sign of the apocalypse?
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