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Originally Posted by Kyle_West
Funny, Well lets see. You can't always judge me because you have no idea what I sound like. I do traditional brittish accents in theatre and in monologues. I have a very smooth deep voice. Now it's not like a lash out at clive owen. I have been reading how potc was saved by depp so I was comparing owen with this. He is not a savior when it comes to acting. I may be wrong and this movie may prove to be an incredible role for him. Nonetheless, I work hard on my accent. It may come natural to some people, but I have to work at it. It's not bad, so don't judge it. Also, because you're older that automatically means everything I say is dog shit and I'm some sort of neanderthal? Whats gives?
Good for you. I was assuming you had learnt how to do the British accent through acting, drama. Except that all you get taught is traditional english. This film would be a fucking farce if Clive Owen sounded like Hugh Grant, and in general a posh upper class twat. I would boycott it for that reason. I like Clive Owen's voice in this, as it is gritty, earthy, non London and what I would imagine a hardnut Roman soldier would sound like (if transfered to modern day English and pronounciation). In fact I'm a little concerned that Keira's voice will be too posh for the film.

Now, my voice is remarkably similar to Orlando Bloom. If I played King Arthur (which would be useless, me never looking intense, and being Korean and all) I would change my accent completely.

That, 'American? you kid' was a pun. Which I noticed and left in for your benefit.
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