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I wouldn't "bare my soul" after a few dates with her. Try and keep things light and funny. If you give her too much at one time, she'll be overwhelmed and you may scare her away. Yes, women do that. Men do it too. If you I were you, I'd look for more ways to be with her, like bumping her in the hallways and saying hello or going to the movies or eating some ice cream and drinking beer or asking her to be homework buddies. Whatever you kids do for fun.

And a little bit of cockiness never hurt. Don't overdo it, but having that extra arrogance will really boost your confidence. Women will laugh at you first because they think you're moronic, but then, they'll start laughing because they really enjoy it. Example: You could call her up and ask her to do something on the spot, you and me, to the movies in 5 minutes. Alright? I'll be waiting ouside your door. And don't ask it in a question form, make it a statement like you already know she's going to say yes. Now, if she replies something lame like I have to do some homework, then reply with something cocky but not over-the-top like, Baby, I'm more fun then your homework will ever be. Come with me! And add a little baby talk, peease? (I prefer them higher pitched than your normal voice but I don't know how you do baby talk). Two things to look for: If she still says no but reschedules, she really likes you (she went out of her way) and you didnt even need to ask her. If she says yes, that means she has a high probability of liking you but still could have some doubt. If she just says no and offers nothing, then she has mixed feelings to you.

Anyway, after being with her for about a month, you may drop the question on her and ask her what she thinks of the relationship or you may gather the balls to tell her you like her. Alternatively, you could do it with subtle steps. For instance: one date you could brush her shoulders and arms. Another date you could touch her face and brush her hair with your fingers. Another date you could hold her hand. Another date you could kiss her cheeks and finally you could just grab her out of the blue and kiss her on the lips. These are steps so if she has no interest in you, she'll stop you before you reach the final step. This way, you don't have to ask her, just watch her body language.

It's hard because you omitted lots of details of your relationship with her. So I just wrote a general reply. I hope it helps.
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