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It sure does suck being a depressive drunk, before I discovered anti-depressants I would spend the ends of most parties in tears till the alcohol wore off slightly.
Some friends of mine LAST holidays took Neurofen while drinking, and one of them was hallucinating, while the other three were running around the streets at two o'clock in the morning knocking on people's doors, then running and lying on the road so the house owners couldn't see them...It was quite funny.
That reminds me of a guy I used to know (Benji the drug lord) Who used to sell his ADD medication at school. Made quite a profit I understand.

Anyway back to Harry Potter. Yeah the 5th book's my fav cause he's all moody and realistic. He yells at people for reasons nobody else understands, and I can relate to that. Well. Obviously except the bit about seeing people die etc etc etc.
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