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While I'm faded and listening to Jack Johnson - a combo I highly recommend, by the way - I'd just like to say this much:

This forum is based upon the serious discussion of sex and sexual issues. I'm an honest-enough individual to know that I have very little knowledge on the subject of sex, so I tend not to patrol this particular forum. But I do know that a serious and objective tone must be used on this forum, because some people have real problems (or believe they do), and they would simply like a friend, with whom to sympathize.

There's no need for parody or situational humor in these forums, so if you must speak, NaerokA, then I suggest you become a little less chauvinistic and a little bit more caring and respectful for the rest of the members on this forum.

Oh, and don't threaten any of us. It simply doesn't improve our community spirit here, and it really makes you look like a total asshole. In the beginning, you seemed to be an inquisitive and rather infatuatory agent of your own Keira Knightley Fan Club. With that I find somewhat comical, but I admired your near-obsessive admiration of Keira. But now you just want to get on edge with everyone. It's unwise to push these things.
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