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Originally Posted by NearokA
I vote that Duckula should get a week vacation off from moderating. You know, just to lighten up a bit and realize that this is just a discussion forum, not reality (hehe).

You know what the most ironic thing is? Duckula pretends to be a macho badass but I think he's far from it. You see, instead of intellectually arguing a point of view, he just locks it. I guess it's too much on his brain. I mean, Cliffy is insulting, but he's funny insulting. I like him. He reminds me of Hassel. And Liam just replies with all these one liners that doesn't make sense at first. But if I get drunk enough and read it really slow, sometimes I find what he has to say profound. lol.
Thing is, both Duckula and Liam have been moderating/administrating this site for well over a year. They've dealt with too many people like you to even give a damn anymore. Hence the one liners and quick locks.
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