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So I was wondering, what is the purpose of these sex forums if no one really posts anything about sex? The name is a misnomer. You probably should just get rid of this forum altogether.

Should someone like Martha or me even decide to post anything sexually related, all we get are insults from the community. I guess things really haven't changed even in these modern times. I guess it's no different from throwing stones at whores, am I right?

I think some of the moderators here take their job a little too seriously. Which is kinda sad if you stop and think about it for a moment. But I can understand, I mean, these Keira Knightley wavefront forums (if we can even call it that anymore since nobody talks about Keira anyways) are their lives and sometimes they get sucked in too deep.

I vote that Duckula should get a week vacation off from moderating. You know, just to lighten up a bit and realize that this is just a discussion forum, not reality (hehe).

You know what the most ironic thing is? Duckula pretends to be a macho badass but I think he's far from it. You see, instead of intellectually arguing a point of view, he just locks it. I guess it's too much on his brain. I mean, Cliffy is insulting, but he's funny insulting. I like him. He reminds me of Hassel. And Liam just replies with all these one liners that doesn't make sense at first. But if I get drunk enough and read it really slow, sometimes I find what he has to say profound. lol.

ANyways, If you don't want me to talk about sex, don't have a sex forum. Please. I'm going to continue to post in here until you guys get rid of it or ban me. ANd the more you lock my threads, the more I'll post and the more explicit I'll be.

And if you think I cannot talk about sex for very long, believe me, you're wrong.
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