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thanks to all of you for your kind suggestions, I've tried all of them...

Oddly enough, the situation is quite a bit more complex now. It happens that we have the same English teacher, only at different times. My essays have been the best for the past two (No, I'm not trying to be snobbish. I got incredibly embarissed when the teacher decided to announce that to the whole class...) so the teacher apparently suggested asking me for some writing tips. So she emails me "Hey, Ing... I heard your essay got a 5, so can I study it? mine only got a 2..." so I sent it to her, offering to read hers if she wanted, and she emails back "Omg! it's the best essay ever! yea, i'll send mine later tonight... would you read Jen's for her too?" (Jen's one of her new *cough* friends)
so I'm like "Sure....."
and she never sends it. The next day, she's like "Why didn't you give me comments for the essays?" and I'm just like "What essays!!!!! you've gotta frickin SEND them to me before I can read them for god's sake!!!!!"

so now she's just being a plain bitch, and is always tyring to steal help from me for English... I'm seriously concidering taking Duckula's advise....
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