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Originally Posted by Ashley
I have some of the same thoughts on the word "love" as our buddy DR does. People throw it around like nothing. But it's a very powerful word. One that really has no set meaning. I don't throw it around like I used to. I think long and hard before I seriously say I love someone.
i totally agree about using the word love, but i seriously think that young people, or basically just the people at my school, shouldnt be using it. i believe in love at first sight but my classmates use the word just after seeing someone for the first time, thinking their "hot", which is completely not the definition, even with no set definition, of love. it's lust! and i hate it...and i stress the word hate, which is not a word that should be thrown around either, but they're so immature, or maybe it's just teenage puberty...either way i annoys me beyond belief.

oh and by the way, not really relavent but i'm watching all the seasons of sex and the city this summer. now that is a real guide/help/whatever to deciphering love and relationships.
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