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Originally Posted by ryan
For those of us who haven't seen the movie, what kind of love do you speak of?
endless love i think. (kidman) ada requests inman (law) to return to her from the war in a letter and he just gets up and leaves. he travels for tons of miles just to get back to her even though they're killing deserters of the war. i think it's amazing because they realize they dont even know each other, they've only seen each other about 4 times, yet they love each other so much. after 3 years of seperation because of the civil war, they still think about each other everyday.

it's a slow movie but i like it alot, atleast it's not as long as the english patient (same director)

note on the nicolas sparks stuff, i think it's sorta unrealistic, not to say that cold mountain is realistic either, but i think it's more sutle and just comtimplating on their love for one another then crazy obsticles of "class". i think the notebook is major heart-wrenching-soap-opera stuff, but hell maybe i'm just over that phase now. and yes i read his other book, a walk to remember, and cried from reading it which now i feel really pathetic about.
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