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Originally Posted by Kyle_West
Also, because you're older that automatically means everything I say is dog shit and I'm some sort of neanderthal? Whats gives?
Errr...he said..."Please, you kid" in "Please, you jest" or "You must be joking"...not in the sense of being it in context again and you'll see what was meant

Oh...and his point do you know what King Arthur should sound like? There is no "traditional british accent" only stereotypes Americans think are British accents...that'd be like Keira learning a generic american accent to play her role in The Jacket (which requires a Vermont accent). She's actually getting coaching in the correct accent, as opposed to just trying a general "American" accent. King Arthur legends differ, some say he was a scot, others an Irishman, others say he was from the south of England, others the north...and of course there's the Roman theory which the film is based on (which would mean he wouldn't have a traditional English accent at all but a mixture of a "Roman" accent <whatever that sounds like> and an old English accent <which is different from modern accents> it's not the stereotype). In Short...Arthur sounds however the film's writers and producers WANT him to sound (well, short of sounding American as the legends surfaced long before America was discovered )

IF the film called for a MODERN traditional british accent, you'd be right, but it doesn't...
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