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I agree with you about the difference... Of course I love my family in another way than I love Keira. If I love Keira! That, of course, is a matter of how you define 'to love', but I think that most people see love and infatuation as the same thing. It's not the same, but it's easily mistaken. I, too find she is an unique and attractive individual that does deserve the credit she gains from her talents and natural beauty. That's what you call infatuation, isn't it? I guess some people would call it love. Honestly, I'm not sure.. To me it's some kind of mix.

To me love isn't just some physical reaction (erection? ), it's very important to know the difference. For instance, if you break up with your girlfriend and sometimes still misses her, or if she broke up is angry about that, well... You know what love is. If you just missing getting the pressure eased you wouldn't know... Any girl can do that, therefor it's not love (only to the female 'race').

Originally Posted by DragonRat
So, I'll let you love whomever you choose. It is no right but yours to choose.
It's no choice whom you love.. You can't control your feelings like that..
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