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Honestly though, love is such a difficult word. I've known long enough how it is to use that word in such a manner, that it becomes distasteful and hackneyed. To love someone close to you is one thing: you cherish all the things that are about them, and you hold them close to you. And even so, that doesn't even begin to make sense the testament to how you feel - that is, how much you love them.

To love a celebrity, however, is another thing. I do not say that it is crass or sophomoric, but it does belie a naivete about the world itself. I can honestly say I had infatuatory feelings for Keira, but altogether nothing on the bounds of love. Did I ever love her? I don't think so, but I thought she was an unique and attractive individual that does deserve the credit she gains from her talents and natural beauty. (I still believe so.)

To love a parent or a boy/girlfriend is one thing. To love a celebrity is another. There is a difference. Many of you can use the word 'love' and take it for granted, as it is nothing more than a set of physical reactions - like butterflies in the gut or a skipping heartbeat - but I tend to think of that as nothing more than infatuation and crush. Love is something that lasts longer than the temporality of the poems I write or the feelings that are aforementionedly described. But that's just my take.

At any rate, I respect anyone of you who says they are in love. That is a tough word to use, but don't play with it. It means a lot to those who have been in it, and it means a lot to those who have never experienced it. If you say you are in love, then no one can ever stop you from saying so; the only person to change that perspective is yourself. In time, you may lose that feeling, only to know that it was never love to begin with. Or perhaps, that feeling will last forever, and it will wound your heart and leave a scar, when it has taken its toll.

So, I'll let you love whomever you choose. It is no right but yours to choose.
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